Friday, June 22, 2012

Bee's and CFL's

Many of you know that just recently I was woofing at Sophia college in Brunswick Jn WA

During my stay there and amidst cleaning up after the nasty storms, I noticed a rather large hive of bee's in residence in one of the building roofs.

At night I noticed the bee's were attacking the night / security lights on the covered walkway.

After further investigation I discovered the light closest to the hive and the one that had the most dead bee's under it in the morning was a Compact Fluro lamp.
I removed the light, it was then too dark to safely navigate the walkway at night.

I found a low wattage Halogen type lamp and put it in, the bee's didn't attack it.

I can only guess that the electronic noise made by the CFL was annoying the bee's so they attacked it in defence of the hive.


  1. Maybe, but it could have been that it was a cool white globe (so closer to daylight) and the bees weren't attacking it but just getting confused because it looks like sunlight to them.

    This is just a bit of a guess on my part though :)

  2. That also could have been the case. I was just happy not to see about 150 dead bees in the morning.