Thursday, April 19, 2012

WP109 - Day 3

Its 4 am and I am wide awake. Not because of the usual issues I have with my sleeping patterns but just for some reason my body / mind has decided that it is time for me to be awake.

The last couple of days have been a transition of sorts. My coffee intake has been reduced to almost zero. I have not eaten anything but vegetables , rice, lentils , beans etc. No chocolate, no meat of any kind and no alcohol. I've not really missed it.

I have discovered that with all this good living that my brain capacity has expanded to the point that I may have solved the fuel crisis.
Step 1 - eat more vegetables, fruits etc
Step 2 - harness the potentially explosive gases that  keep escaping from my body in assorted tones from B sharp to a fluffy woof. ( apparently this is normal around here and nothing to be embarrassed about )
Step 3 - Compress the gas and use it as a substitute for LPG in  cars and gas for cooking. Maybe if I eat enough parsley I could tone down the combined  cabbage and onion smell associated with  this world class gas production system.

Yesterdays lesson , as I understand it, was being part of the totality, being totally aware of yourself, being mindful of what is real and what is unreal and the importance of  being aware and  looking after your body and your mind.
Oh !! and whilst I am on the subject of being part of the totality, being one with all and the continuance with the circle of life type stuff , Yesterday it was rumored that a dearly departed person had their ashes scattered on the vegetable patch. This doesn't worry me in any way, in fact I think its kind of cool. The dearly departed person helped nourish  the vegetables that nourished me, to produce the answer to the earths energy problems. This makes me happy, thanks dearly departed friend.

It's now 5 minutes to 5 am and time to expel some more gas and partake in another cup of coffee substitute laden with soy milk prior to getting dressed for the day and heading off to morning meditation.

Have a great day .


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