Saturday, April 21, 2012

WP109 - day 5

Today was a day off.
After a 6 am wake up I grabbed a cup of coffee substitute and headed outside to sit, watch and listen to the many small birds flitting around in the garden.

Breakfast consisted of toast and peanut butter and some healthy fellowship with the other members of the house that were slowly drifting out of their own dream times.

The downstairs kitchen

The dining area

The pantry

Today I was going to the Perth Zoo, lunch was made and myself and another house mate, Mary from NZ, headed off for the day.
We walked for hours and saw the whole zoo before stopping to eat our lunch. I was really happy to see the animals in enclosures that were representative of their natural habitats.

Back at the Ashram about 4 pm, I did about 1.5 hours of gardening and then helped cook dinner. Saturday and Sunday nights are usually help yourself nights  but a few of us pooled resources  and made a real nice dinner of rice and vegetables.

It was decided that we watch a movie on the big TV in the library ( thanks Michael ), a thought provoking documentary called  " One giant leap" where world musicians proposed their thought about our crazy mixed up world. The sound track was great.

Well now I'm off to bed. In the morning Ill be going for a cycle into Fremantle.

Good night everyone , sleep well  

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