Sunday, April 22, 2012

WP109 - Day 6

This morning I was up nice and early, I jumped onto my trusty steed and ( mountain bike ) and rode into Fremantle. From the Ashram you head east along South Street, up over the crest of a hill and down a long steep decent coming to your first intersection, being Hampton Road, where I found this ...

 1 bicycle trap / cyclist killer !!!!

Imagine coming down a big hill, having a green light through the intersection and your front wheel drops into that long slot next to the grate. The result would be a  catastrophic failure of the front wheel, bent forks and a possible bent frame that would render the bike unrepairable. The injuries to the cyclist would be horrific if not fatal. I will be passing this onto the Fremantle Council.

During my ride around Fremantle I found some interesting stuff ...

This sign was on a wall in front of someone’s car parking space.

and ...

That is the biggest Numbat I have ever seen.

After a coffee and a long ride back up the hill on South Street, I joined Michael for a trip to the local organic markets. I bought some whole milk and some yoghurt.

About 10.30 ish am it was time to help prepare lunch for a very important visitor.

Swami Padmanabhananda ( Pab/man/ab/hananda) and Chandra came to deliver a Divine Life Service and a talk on Jnana ( knoweledge ) Yoga.

This afternoon I am writing this blog and  e-mailing the Fremantle Council and this evening we have a lesson to attend.

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